Annual Eid ul Adha Quiz Competition 2018

Muhammad (PBUH)

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Virtues of Madina – Part 2

Narrated Zaid bin Thabit (radhiyallahu anhu): When the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) went out for (the battle of) Uhud, some of his companions (hypocrites) returned (home). A party of the …

Virtues of Madina – Part 1


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Tips for Memorizing the Quran

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an (interpretation of the meaning): “Those who recite the Book of Allah, establish regular prayer, and spend (in charity) out of what We have provided …

The Secrets and Significance of Surah Kahf

Open Your Treasure of The Quran


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The Fiqh of a Newborn Baby

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. There are six rulings pertaining to a new born child: 1) Athan and Iqamah in the ear 2) Naming …

Why do Muslims not celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Islamic Marriage & Counseling Services

Keep the Spark of Love Alive

Behind every successful youth are Parents