Allama Iqbal Night

Thank You to our Annual Allama Iqbal’s Attendees

Assalamu Alaikum Wrahmatullah

Dear Community,
On behalf of the The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), and Gehwar- E- Adab of Saskatoon we want to thank you for attending the 2nd Annual Allama Iqbal night.

The event was a great success due to your participation.
The event was enjoyed by all who came. Thank you to the Mirch Restaurant and Marbal Slab and Br.Masuood Rahman for sponsoring the event.
A special thanks to our Team of organizers Br.Nasrullah, Br.Qasim Ali, Br.Faheem and Br.Abdul Azeem for their efforts to arrange everything smoothly.
It was truly successful event.
Thank you! Thank you!

Ilyas Sidyot
On behalf of Islamic Association of Saskatchewan saskatoon Inc. and Gehwar- e-Adab Saskatoon.