Udhiya Qurbani 2018 Registration

Udhiya Qurbani 2018 Registration

Address: Three Star Farms – Located 2 Kilometres West of Hepburn, SKContact For More Information:

*Kamaluddin: 306-881-8777
*Abdul-Azem: 306-250-0491
*Javed Iqbal: 306-880-8383

Register at following link :



1. Everyone will have the option to observe and place the knife by their own hands or the qurbani can be done on behalf of you by our team.
2. All skinning, cutting, and packaging will be carried out by Three Star Farms.
3. Meat will be delivered to one of the designated pickup locations for you to collect your meat.
4. Payment instructions will be sent to you after registration.
4. All registered participants will be notified of a time to come slaughter and collect their meat from one of the designated collection points.
5. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct and accurate. Once registration has been completed, all registrants will receive directions and instructions about their specific qurbani.
6. Estimated Slaughter Rate: 10 Lambs & Goats /Hour and 1 Cow/Hour
7. The facility is clean and has an appropriate set up for Qurbani.
8. This farm will remain open all year around for the community to cater for their needs.

Meat Pickup Locations:

*Islamic Association of Saskatchewan – 222 Copland Crescent, Saskatoon SK

*Prairie Muslim Association – 3350 Fairlight Dr., Saskatoon SK

Pickup Day & Time:

* Eid Day and the Day After between Maghreb and Isha

IAS Social Affairs has organized a massive event to celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha open on Copland Crescent and Grosvenor Park (Beside the Masjid). Qurbani meat will be utilized for the community, where the wider community will be able to eat from your meat in the form of a BBQ, Biryani, and Qorma. If you wish to contribute your Qurbani meat towards this event, please select from the options below.

This arrangement has been made to bring ease and comfort to the community and to carry out qurbani efficiently.