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We live in diverse, multi-religious communities and understand that the differences surrounding faith, culture, and ethics sometimes present a challenge to the members of the respective communities. We at Islamic Center & Mosque 222-Copland crescent make every effort to ensure that our doors are open to dialogue, by ensuring that engagement with different faith groups is promoted and openly welcomed. We have schools, churches, hospital, from all over the Saskatoon who come and visit us time to time and are given an insight in to the beautiful religion of Islam. Our Mosque is an ideal place to start to get to know about what it is like to be a Muslim and what the common personal, social and religious duties are for a Muslim on a day to day basis. Come VISIT us! For further information on our facilities and to arrange a visit please email or call 306-341-8888

Inshallah we will update our website regarding Eid Ul Fitr announcement. Pls check website after Maghrib

The Million Salutations Campaign

And We did not send you (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) except as a mercy for the entire world. (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – is the Prophet towards all mankind )(21:107)


Let us use constructively in order to demonstrate through love with Nabi Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wassalam) by making habit of sending salutations upon him in abandon. In order to motivate and encourage people to recite salutations we have created this campaign.

You can recite any durood and enter the number in the form at the bottom.

  • You can recite salutations while you are driving.
  • At work during break time.
  • Travelling in the bus or in other transportation.
  • Before or after salah.
  • At home.

We have created a page in a form of a graph to show you quantity of salutations recited.

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In the name of Allah. Most Gracious. Most Merciful.
Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon inc. Presents
There are many who seek to know more about Islam but find the language and technicalities of standard books and courses on Islam too difficult to fully grasp.

The Most Blessed Days of the World: The First Ten Days of Dhu al-Hijjah

Hafiz al-Mundhiri (d.656 / 1258; Egypt) dedicated a chapter in his al-Targheeb wa al-Tarheeb to mentioning the hadith concerning the immense blessedness and unrivalled excellence of the first ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah

Ten Blessed Days: Don't Miss

The first ten days of the month of "Dhul-Hijjah" are the blessed days for Muslims.

The Virtues & Laws of Qurbani (Sacrifice)

“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is your Taqwa that reaches Him…” (Surah Hajj).

Meaning of "The Festival of Sacrifice"

What is Eid al-Adha?

At the end of the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca), Muslims throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha(Festival of Sacrifice).

Q & A

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In our city, one of Christian sister converted to Islam.....