Dear Community Members,

Ramadan Mubarak! On Thursday May 17th, 2018, Muslims across the world will welcome the blessed month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the holiest time in the year for Muslims. It provides us with an opportunity to recharge our imaan (faith) and renew our relationship with Allah. The month of Ramadan provides the perfect opportunity for us to inwardly reflect on our lives and make sincere resolutions to change for the better throughout the proceeding months. 

The month of Ramadan should be used as a means of moral and spiritual growth. It is important that we plan out our month in advance to ensure we are maximising the benefit we take from it. We should make a conscious effort to pray in congregation 5 times a day, look to pray the nafl (additional) prayers, stand in the night prayers (Taraweeh) and look to eat the healthy, nutritious foods. Through all this, you will notice a natural closeness develops with Allah and a sense of calm and belonging comes over you. It is also important to ensure we use this blessed month as a time for moral development, self-improvement and self-discipline. 

Let us also make this Ramadan about building stronger relations with our neighbours and the wider community. Let us make sure we open our homes and our Mosques to feed not only our Muslim brothers and sisters but also invite the wider non-Muslim community to share this blessed month with us. Ramadan can be used as an opportunity to change the negative perceptions around Islam and Muslims by sharing the goodness of this month with those around us.

May Allah accept your prayers and good deeds this Ramadan and enrich our lives.

Ilyas Sidyot
Imam, Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Inc