Shaban 15

Some Meritorious Actions that can be done on 15th Sh’aban

1. Increase Qur’an Recitation.
2. Increase Salaat & Salaam on Rasullullah (sallallhu alaiyhi wassallam).
3. Istighfaar & Taubah: Increase Istighfaar, as well as, notably, the best words of Istighfaar (Sayyidul Istighfaar) can be read.

Perform 2 rakaats of Salaatut-Taubah and beg for forgiveness of all sins. Turn towards Allah Ta’ala with sincere regret and shame over sins committed and make a firm promise not to return to sin and seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. Have firm hope and resolution in the heart that Allah Ta’ala will surely show mercy and forgiveness.

4. Salatut Tasbeeh: Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) has mentioned that: “The performance of this salaah, earns, forgiveness of all sins, the first and the last, the old and the recent, the intentional and the un-intentional, the minor and the major and the sins committed in privacy and in public.”

5. Tahajjud Salaah: “And make salaah in some portions of the night and additional prayer for yourself. It maybe that your Rabb will raise you to the best and highest place in Jannah.” (Qur’an 17:79)

6. Duaa: Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu) has reported that Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) has said: “When the last (portion) of the night remains, our Rabb, the Glorious One, descends towards the heavens of the world (meaning, His special mercy) and proclaims: Who is there who supplicates Me, and I grant his supplication? Who is there who begs Me for anything, and I may grant it to him? Who is there who seeks My forgiveness, and I may forgive him?” ( Bukhari, Muslim). These opportune moments occur during the last third of everynight of the year. Ernest duaas can be made at these times especially on these auspicious nights. One should make duaa for one’s self, family, children, all our Marhooms and the Ummah of Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam).

7. Some Methods of earning Abundant Rewards: The following are short, easy , abridged ways of earning rewards of being in Ebaadah (worship) the whole night, by doing some limited action. These are truly treasured pearls that our Beloved Rasulullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) has given this Ummah. Some limited, small action and such abundant rewards! Truly, we should gain strength and courage and take full benefit from them.

These are:-
7.1 Surah Sajda & Surah Mulk: Rasulullah(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) said: “The person who reads Tabarakallazi biyadihil mulk & Alif Laam Tanzeel-as-sajda between Maghrib and Esha; the reward (for reading these 2 surahs) will be as though he (the reader) had stood awake during (the night) of Laylatul Qadr.” (Ruhul Ma’aani, Ibn Mardawayah)

7.2 Salaatul Fajr & Salaatul Esha in congregation (in Jamaat): Hazrat Uthmaan bin Affaan (Radhiyallahu anhu) reported that he heard Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) as saying: “One who observes the Esha salaat in congregation (ie. in jamaat), it is as though one has remained awake in ibaadat ( Salaah and prayer) for half the night (ie. upto midnight), and one who observes Fajr Salaat in congregation (ie. in jamaat), it is as though one has remained awake in ibaadat ( Salaat and prayer) for the whole night.” (Muslim, Tirmizi, Attargheeb, Muatta bin Malik). Let us grab this opportunity of the whole night’s Ibaadat by sacrificing a little by performing these salaats in the Masjid with congregation (Jamaah), Insha-Allah.

All days and nights are significant in the life of a Muslim, however, some days and nights have a special significance and auspiciousness. May Allah Ta’ala give us all the courage, strength and inspiration to reap the maximum benefits from the Auspicious Days and Nights; especially those of Ramadhaan. INSHA-ALLAH